Data Experience & Business Intelligence

Expand your business by making data accessible to everyone!

Democratize data for business functions, drive business through data, be data-driven: how can we harness the full potential of data, when it's available en masse and scattered throughout the enterprise?

That's what Data Experience and Business Intelligence are all about!

Our vision of the "data experience" is based on the belief that every user in your company should have easy access to data, the ability to interpret it and use it to make sound business decisions.

Micropole has been helping its customers use their data as a catalyst for over 30 years. We believe in the colossal value of data to stimulate growth, improve decision-making and transform your company into a data-driven organization.

Our added value:

  • End-to-end support with major and recognized players in the BI market, pioneers in agility and data visualization issues, and attentive to the coverage of new emerging uses 
  • The ability to bring out the business uses through our proven methods of workshop facilitation, coupled with technical expertise on the solutions to be integrated

Uses adapted to the maturity of your users

Data Viz

Visualize your data and make it understandable to get the most out of it.


Interact with your data to identify business phenomena.


Access your relevant data anytime, anywhere.

Low Code Apps

Rapidly increase productivity by automating your processes

Our 3 pillars of project success

Use cases

Take advantage of our consultancy services to design a usage adapted to your business issues, as well as to your users' data maturity.


Take advantage of our development and architecture expertise on the best technological solutions on the market.


Benefit from our comprehensive support, from ideation to project construction and maintenance, combined with change management.

Use case

Our role is to boost the performance of your business teams by encouraging the adoption and use of data throughout the company.

- Caroline Rousset
Data Experience Director
Micropole Data Cloud and Digital Transformation consultancy