Data Science and AI

Make Artificial Intelligence (AI) a reality for companies!

AI is rapidly invading our businesses to improve production, speed up calculations and guide decision making. Every day, the list of AI applications is growing in all fields and sectors of activity.

At Micropole, we have a team dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, composed of specialists in data analysis techniques (data science, engineering, optimization, machine learning, deep learning, etc.).

We are convinced that artificial intelligence is a way to radically transform the performance of organizations. Using powerful algorithms at the heart of business processes; being able to solve complex problems in a totally autonomous way, this is the ambition.

What are the challenges for companies?

AI is a discipline that requires both a rigorous and ethical approach, as it aims to imitate the cognitive abilities of a human being. 

Companies need to have great confidence in the result, to know if the program's response is solid, under what conditions a correct result is obtained, from what data, which architecture is the best, faster or more precise than another. Without forgetting the permanent search for robustness or even quality certification, which is itself an object of research in AI.

Micropole guides you in a pragmatic approach to the appropriation of these new tools. Our approach integrates Data Science, technologies, the role of people and change management to carry out an end-to-end transformation.


We set up, with you, an environment conducive to the deployment of Artificial Intelligence.


We support you in building an enterprise data platform in the cloud.


We help you increase your Data Science skills.

Use case

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