Energy & Utilities

The user becomes a customer again and has an influence on the design of services

The sector, which has long been immobile due to monopolistic situations, is now undergoing a competitive transformation that is making room for new entrants, such as specialized start-ups or the GAFAs. The customer wants other uses, he has new behaviors. They make their choices according to the rates offered, but also according to the enriched services set up by the companies or the proven societal and environmental commitments.

The entire value chain needs to be rethought, from the exploration phase to manufacturing and waste management. The responsible customer understands all the issues - he understands and sees everything, and often gathered in a collective, he buys with full knowledge of the facts - it is the customers who transform the markets. In the manner of Design Thinking, which observes, iterates, tests, makes corrections and obtains a new, innovative answer.

Billion dollars
is the annual amount of global capital expenditure in the energy sector

Source: World Energy Outlook 2016

Data and Digital levers of adaptation and transformation

Technological advances and innovation enable us to offer new solutions and services to meet the requirements and needs of more responsible customers. Digital technology is accentuating this capacity to adapt and innovate, particularly through the use of data. By leveraging data, new services can be put in place such as pay-per-use billing, predictive maintenance or consumption management. More and more, the Energy and Utilities sector is using Digital, through chatbots and mobile applications, to adapt to the customer's needs. For example, they enable remote management and performance optimization of customer service teams.

With $1.8 trillion in annual global capital expenditures in the energy sector(World Energy Outlook 2016), industry players must adapt and focus their strategy on the challenges of renewal and sustainability to maintain their growth. It is necessary to know how to take advantage of these different challenges and to make business models evolve in order to enter into a logic of loyalty and reconquest.

Pure-players, industrialists, companies, institutions, all are concerned, all are subject to the principle of transparency.

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