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Redesign and migration of dashboards for a more efficient service offering

Do you want to control and improve the quality of your data? Are you planning to migrate your business intelligence system in order to obtain a more efficient service offering?

Find out how Micropole supported the  Sesam-Vitale GIE in their decision-support system  migration project.


SESAM-Vitale GIE, which has almost 200 employees, is a major player in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. A specialist in information systems for healthcare professionals,  SESAM-Vitale GIE works closely with the Ministry of Health, health insurance schemes, supplementary health insurance providers and healthcare and medico-social professionals.

It designed and deployed the Vitale card; worked on the dematerialisation of health care forms, the deployment of online services such as the Reimbursement History, and the integration of pharmacies, doctors and laboratories into a single, secure system. It has also deployed essential online services such as the Shared Medical Record (DMP), the National Health Identity (INS), the Vitale card application on smartphones and is working on the referencing of future Mon Espace Santé services.

 SESAM-Vitale GIE responds notably to the challenges of diversification and digitalisation of services: third-party payment, online services, shared medical files, Mon Espace Santé, Vitale card application, etc.

The objective is to ensure inter-operability, ease of use and consistency of common specific solutions from the compulsory and complementary health insurance organisations deployed to healthcare providers.

Sesame Vitale Smart Analytics Dashboard Micropole Customer Case Study


Data quality and control are key issues for GIE SESAM-Vitale, enabling it to provide visibility internally and to its members, to make strategic decisions and to steer actions. This ability to shed light on and steer its actions supports its 3 main missions: digital identity, services for healthcare professionals and teletransmission infrastructure.

Thanks to its expertise, Micropole won the new call for tenders launched by GIE SESAM-Vitale to meet its needs in the BI field. In the context of this call for tenders, GIE SESAM-Vitale entrusted Micropole with a new large-scale project, linked to the migration of their Business Objects decision support system to Cognos.

Micropole was therefore asked to define the target architecture, the work to be carried out and then the migration of their dashboards, while proposing innovative products and services from the new tool, maintaining the existing ones and integrating the  SESAM-Vitale GIE business themes.

Methods and Solutions

Cognos watch :

Sandbox environment that enables the development of the latest innovations and new features for users (from pdf and Excel reports to interactive dashboards and self-service BI).

Optimisation of response times in terms of restitution: Improvement of the design of certain databases, use of data mounted in machine memory, in order to be able to meet  interactivity requirements.


In addition to the technical migration aspects, this deployment has led to a revision of the organisation and the implementation of more secure processes and more structured working methods.

The decision-support systems have also made great strides in data reliability and robustness.

Finally, the work on the migration to Cognos (data rationalisation, database cleansing, dashboard) has made it possible to benefit from a better service offer for data users:

  • Modernity of the visuals
  • Graphic charter unifying the legacy of the dashboards
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Cognos Self-BI for business autonomy and a much improved range of equivalent management tools

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