Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Strategic Decision Making

Scoring now represents 80% of the AI and Machine Learning needs of companies. The digital experience is "enhanced" by Data: Data applied to Digital creates a more personalized, more engaged and relevant relationship, more connected, more respectful of the environment.

Micropole has developed a unique solution with very rich functionalities, based on a fully automated, configurable and optimized scoring engine.

Our solution, developed in "no code", allows to produce and industrialize on a large scale, all types of scores.


Scoring.AI combines performance of results, quality of interpretations, ease of deployment and productivity. Our solution will allow you to better understand your business and to focus your efforts on better identified targets on which your actions generate real added value.

A solution that relies on a team of experts

The Scoring.AI solution was developed by a team of experts led by Tanguy Le Nouvel, Data Science Director at Micropole. After starting his career with a data mining software publisher, he then worked with numerous companies on customer knowledge and fraud detection issues at Micropole. He now manages a team of Data Scientists and brings his expertise in customer knowledge, fraud detection, risk optimization, predictive maintenance and the development of specific algorithms or customized solutions.

Use case

Micropole Data Cloud and Digital Transformation consultancy