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Generative AI in the enterprise: how to implement it?

It's not the future, it's now! Generative AIs, whether text or image-based, are already having an impact on your business, all the professions that make it up, and certain sectors, such as the luxury goods industry, are ready to adopt them on a massive scale. Their development is exponential and will not stop, bringing with it its share of questions concerning the security of personal data.

Generative AI, the new structuring challenge for companies

We're in the midst of a revolution as important as the advent of the Internet, and we're seeing the emergence of tools that will boost productivity tenfold and accelerate your employees' thinking.

At Micropole, we are convinced that the capabilities of generative AI are so structuring and disruptive that implementation projects must be supported by top management in order to anticipate this impact.

We also know that Generative AI projects require a qualitative approach to the data to be used: if the data supplied to the AI is not of impeccable quality, the result will obviously not be.

Micropole has all the expertise and capacity to support its customers in this upstream phase of data preparation, from both a technological and business point of view.

Comprehensive support to make the most of generative AI

Advising your Management Committee / Executive Committee

Generative AI projects must be approached as enterprise projects. We support you throughout the entire generative AI integration process, starting with the acculturation of management teams, through inspirational workshops. It is essential to prepare them for change, and to validate the fit of generative AI with the company's strategy.

Operational implementation tailored to your organization

We provide you with long-term support in deploying and scaling AI in your organization, and in the organizational changes it implies for your teams.

Support in 3 stages depending on the maturity of your operational teams on the subject:

Exploration & consulting

We identify use cases for professions and sectors during workshops.

Design & Experimentation

We develop a 1st project that is easy to implement, to prove the value of the technology.

Deployment at scale

We draw up a roadmap for the deployment of Generative AI in the company, and the associated organizational and methodological changes.

Generative AI training: an essential prerequisite

Just as Generative AI projects need to be supported by top management, training teams in these new technologies is an essential prerequisite. We put our expertise and teaching skills at your service to enable your teams to :

  • Understand technology, how it works, its capabilities and limitations
  • Integrate Generative AI into business processes to improve operational efficiency, productivity, thinking and quality of work
  • Raise awareness of ethical implications, particularly with regard to confidentiality, responsibility and data security
  • Adapting to ever-increasing and rapid technological change


The dramatic entry of AI Generics into our daily lives, whether in a professional or private context, should not be a source of haste and should lead you to ask yourself the right questions:

  • Does my use case require the implementation of Generative AI tools?
  • Can it be carried out using conventional AI?

Micropole can help you make the right choice between Generative AI and Machine / Deep Learning.

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