Our vision on Data-Driven

The last decade has seen many companies take up the great challenge of Big Data. By placing Data at the heart of the company, in its operation, governance and management, the company is undergoing a profound transformation that impacts: business strategy, organization and processes, corporate culture and skills as well as technological developments. If for some the results are still to come despite significant investments, the question is no longer whether to invest in Data, but rather which use cases will be the most profitable and value-creating. Find out how to scale up, this delicate industrialization phase that combines organization, skills, managerial modes, processes...

Our offers Data Driven

Data Strategy & Consulting

Data, the engine of business transformation

Data Management & Data Governance

Controlling your data for greater operational efficiency

Data Platform

Benefit from the latest analytical innovations

Enterprise Performance Management

Become "Data Intelligent" and make sense of your data

Data Viz & BI

Unlock the value potential of your data!

Data Science & AI

Making AI a reality for businesses!

Digital Responsibility

Identify the levers to reduce your digital footprint

Change Transformation Data

Acculturate your business departments to Data

Visual Data Thinking Half Micropole
Discover DataThinking®.
Data x Design Thinking, an approach to thinking differently  about data for real corporate transformation 

Companies want to make sense of their data in order to make decisions and anticipate.

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