CSRD: Be Data Ready

Turn a regulatory obligation into an opportunity to develop your company's sustainable future thanks to data!

From 2024, a new European directive will come into force for companies: the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), which aims to oblige companies to draw up sustainability reports on their CSR implications.
More concretely, they will have to monitor and publish an Environmental, Social and Governance report, which will place the sustainable dimension on the same level as the economic dimension of their business.

Turning CSRD into a development opportunity

The implementation of the CSRD introduces important changes designed to give sustainable development objectives a more prominent place in corporate strategy, governance and risk management.
In addition to its demanding nature, the directive makes it possible to strengthen communication with stakeholders and build a comprehensive vision of the company's challenges.

In this project, Data (in particular data availability and quality) and the reporting process are decisive factors for success. To this end, we place our Data, CSR and Analytics experts at your disposal, to produce secure, auditable, high-quality CSRD Reporting.

50 000
companies in Europe will have to draw up non-financial reports on their CSR implications.

Our CSRD services

Data needs assessment
Security and auditability
Information accessibility
Organization of data production for CSRD
Employee support
Support for businesses and partners

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Let's transform sustainable performance management into a meaningful corporate data project. Let's engage all stakeholders, familiarize them with data and clarify their role in the information-gathering process.

- Muriel Huriot
Change & Data Strategy Senior Partner

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