Digital Business Vision

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Boosting companies' business through Digital

The digital experience is "enhanced" by Data: Data applied to Digital creates a more personalized, engaged and relevant relationship, more connected, and more respectful of the environment. Brands must regain their sovereignty to adapt, in real time, to the evolutions of their customers' behaviors. This requires Data and Digital. Data to have information, a direct contact with the Customer, and thus to be able to accelerate the feedback and adapt the offer. Digital, fed by Data, can be more reactive and more personalized, guaranteeing an improved experience and performance.

Wide, the digital agency of the Micropole Group, creates personalized and efficient user experiences to accelerate the growth of companies.

Digital & Data Consulting

Strategic advice, delegation of expertise, Center of Excellence

Data Marketing

Analytics, Customer knowledge, Data science

Digital Marketing

Connected commerce, Relationship and CRM, Mobility

Digital Manufacturing

Apps, Platforms, Rapid development

Discover WIDE
Micropole's digital agency creates, pilots and promotes digital strategies that strengthen brands, create omnichannel experiences and increase their business.

 Digital business use cases

Business growth can be greatly accelerated with Digital and Data.
Through approaches that combine UX, Data and Tech, we seek to increase our clients' revenues, lower marketing or operational costs and increase productivity.

Micropole Data Cloud and Digital Transformation consultancy