Data World

A world in deep mutation, structured by Data

The digitalization of society generates an ever more exponential production of Data in all economic in all economic sectors. Data is everywhere, in the enterprise, in the cloud, on the web, in humans, in everyday objects, in infrastructures and buildings (IoT), and in web, in humans, in everyday objects, infrastructures and buildings (IoT), in virtual universes and in the virtual universes and the Metaverse. This Data, a strategic asset for companies, is a decisive lever agility, to cope with uncertainty, support performance, and have a positive business impact, through innovation.

Data, an essential strategic asset for companies

74% of companies aspire to be "data driven", but only 29% of them believe they are to succeed in this transformation.

The abundance of technology is disrupting businesses and organizations

The multiplication of technologies around Data and AI and AI is causing the reinvention of consumption and production methods, and the production, and the reinvention of organizations.


Be agile in the face of complexity and uncertainty

Understanding the issues and technologies to transform the company: it is key to be accompanied by experts to catalyze the power of these new technologies.

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74% of companies aspire to be "data driven", but only 29% of them feel they are
able to achieve this transformation.

Source: IDC

At Micropole Group, we are convinced that optimizing the Data assets of companies is the key to their performance and that it is vital to adopt a Data Centric strategy. Thus, since our creation, we have contributed with passion to supporting and growing the organizations we work with. We carry out projects all over the world, sharing the same leitmotiv: to always offer more business value. Consulting, strategy, change, technological innovation and business expertise are at the heart of our DNA.

Micropole has 4 convictions about the company in the Digital Age


Data transformation is essential to the survival of companies

Becoming "intelligent data": making sense of data to anticipate and make decisions to be ever more agile and adaptable is a must for companies today.


Being "data driven" is more than a digital transformation, it is a global business transformation of the company

By placing Data at the heart of the company, in its operation, governance and management, the company is undergoing a profound transformation that impacts: business strategy, organization and processes, corporate culture and skills as well as technological developments.


The Cloud, a gas pedal of digital transformations

The Cloud is a lever for acceleration in terms of business development and operational efficiency. It offers immense opportunities for innovation thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, while ensuring greater security.

No business without Digital, no Digital without Data

The digital experience is "enhanced" by Data: Data applied to Digital creates a relationship relationship, more engaged and relevant, more connected, more respectful of the the environment.

Our holistic vision

Micropole has a holistic vision of the transformation " data driven ".

From consulting to operational implementation, we support companies in their Data strategy and the associated Data, and the associated organizational, human and technological transformations. Our hybrid profile - Consulting / Tech / Digital - responds to this global vision of transformation " data driven ", to create and manage the entire Data "value chain".
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To achieve our mission, which is to help our clients stay ahead of the game by exploiting the full potential of Data, we address three inseparable worlds.

- Muriel Huriot
Director of Transformation and Experience
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