Data strategy and consulting

Data, the engine of business transformation

From the first Data departments, to the steering roles, to the recent emergence of the Chief Data Officer, Data organizations have gradually been structured within companies. However, in practice, the ambitious aspirations regarding the potential of data to improve efficiency are not always translated into measurable value for organizations.

Why is there such a gap between aspirations and the objectives achieved?

There are many reasons: the world is digital and complex, technological advances have increased the number of channels for accessing data, there are many subjects to deal with, the skills are not always present, the organizations are not necessarily adapted, and the Data culture has yet to be anchored...
However, the use of Data has now reached a form of maturity. The know-how is present, the different disciplines are mastered, the resources are available and the tools are proven.
To meet these transformation challenges, Micropole has brought together within a single team, "Data Thinking", the skills required to turn your Data ambitions into an operational reality.

With regard to your strategic objectives, this multidisciplinary team will advise and support you in implementing the digital, organizational and human transformations required to take full advantage of your data.


We work with you to create an environment that is conducive to the deployment of Artificial Intelligence.


We support you in building an enterprise data platform in the cloud.


We help you increase your Data Science skills.

Use case

Start from the company's business strategy to design a Data strategy and articulate the Data model to business needs.

- Samuel Descroix
Partner Data Thinking
Micropole Data Cloud and Digital Transformation consultancy