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A European leader in B2B e-commerce improves its customer knowledge thanks to its new Data strategy

The group specializing in the distribution of equipment and supplies for businesses and local authorities called on Micropole to define and implement a Data strategy to improve its customer knowledge.


European leader in B2B e-commerce, the group specializes in the distribution of equipment and supplies for businesses and communities. With more than 26 subsidiaries in 17 European countries, this leader is also present in Africa, Asia and the Middle East through its export activities.

The company's organization is separated into three divisions:

  • The corporate division
  • The local authority division
  • The merchant division


New black gold, data is one of the main levers of the digital transformation of e-commerce companies to meet the challenges of their customers and accelerate their business.

Without quality and properly enriched data, there can be no personalized experience. There are still too many unsuccessful orders due to incorrect contact information (i.e. incorrect data), which results in additional costs for companies.

Many marketing campaigns fail because they are based on poor quality data.     

Aware of these problems and this challenge, this leader in B2B e-commerce took up the challenge and trusted Micropole to accelerate its transformation through Data

Methods and Solutions

Micropole, a consulting firm specializing in business transformation through Data, helped this leader in B2B e-commerce to define and implement a Data strategy. Thanks to the quality of the group's data, its analysis capacities were optimized to enable it to address offers adapted to its customers.

Micropole teams implemented a single customer repository and data governance using the Informatica Master Data Management solution.

To ensure the quality of the final delivery, the project was conducted with a methodology based on an iterative approach, allowing the integration of the MDM tool within the IS ecosystem and limiting the impossibility of knowing the progress of a project and therefore the tunnel effect for users.


  • Today, data is qualified and can be used at the right time and in the right place.
  • Centralized customer data that can be easily moved into the more agile information system
  • A better vision of the client's legal and commercial hierarchy
  • Cost reduction and process optimization (streamlining of interfaces, reduction of multiple entries)
  • Improved customer experience and knowledge and more effective marketing campaigns
  • Performance improvement and business process optimization through data quality

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