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In a constantly changing world, digital technology is transforming consumer trends and business models every day.

We are convinced that optimizing the data assets of companies is the key to their performance. Every day, our employees detect trends and explore new territories. Their mission: to make data intelligent companies and help them transform themselves to prepare their future today.

Open Innovation "made in" Micropole France

Since our inception, we have been passionate about helping the organisations we work with to grow. We carry out projects all over the world, sharing the same motto: to offer ever more business value.

Strategic consulting, technological innovation and business expertise are at the heart of our DNA. The collective intelligence and the challenges of the future inspire us.

The women and men of the group, our catalysts for innovation.

As catalysts for innovation, the men and women of the group are our real asset. Driven by strong values, our expert and complementary teams know how to work in synergy to imagine the most effective solutions for our customers.

At Micropole, we are convinced that the innovation proposed to our customers must serve their business by being pragmatic and immediately operational, while being differentiating.

This is why we work on topics that are constantly updated to keep up with technological developments and the needs of companies.

Whether it's the data in images and videos that we process through computer vision algorithms, conversational data that allows us to implement customer relationship AI, financial data that we process through automated processes by robots, or data that allows us to automate the construction and industrialization of scoring models that can be interpreted in real time, we adapt and apply the innovations of the moment to the needs of our clients.

Whether it is customer, financial, behavioral, in the form of knowledge bases, datalake or completely unstructured, the data present in companies is a real mine of information. This material is essential, and its transformation constitutes a business lever or a source of customer knowledge. Our various accompaniments around innovation in Data have led us to create an adapted and adaptable methodology: DataThinking®. Derived from Design Thinking methods, these workshops dedicated to Data issues allow us to share the trends and vision of tomorrow around data, analytics and the digitalization of Data assets through exploration days for acculturation, market and trend analysis, targeted interventions to include innovation in your projects during the design, conception, ideation and realization phases.

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