Informatica Webinar - How to boost your data quality with generative AI?

Informatica Webinar April 25

Ensuring the quality of data essential to the efficiency of business processes is a major challenge. The reasons? Increasing data volumes, the demands of digital, tightened regulations and growing consumer expectations.

From the initial phases of data discovery and scoping to the establishment of a reference data base, the need for gas pedal and new approaches is leading data managers to consider the use of AI as a solution. 

How can AI speed up and simplify Data Management and guarantee data quality?

How can AI help you discover and master your data assets, so you can deploy data governance more quickly?

Micropole and Informatica will address these issues in their next webinar on April 25 at 11am. Informatica will also be demonstrating the CLAIRE AI engine embedded in its Cloud Data Management solution.

The program

AI will boost all aspects of data management. From the early stages of the project, with services to speed up the process of arriving at the common target model by synthesizing models from source and target systems, to simplifying secure distribution and contextualizing data.

"By 2027, the application of AI will accelerate the time-to-value of data governance and master data management (MDM) programs by 40%."
Gartner, 2024

In summary, the main contributions are as follows:

  • On upstream repository flow discovery, automated data discovery, model generation and mapping generation,
  • On Data Quality aspects with non-deterministic approaches for : Self-classification and taxonomy alignment, generation of quality rules and duplicate&match detection in merge, ...
  • On productivity and user experience aspects, with: query via prompt conversation, intelligent search and assistance, non-deterministic data management workflows, etc.
  • Generation of marketing texts from structured data or, conversely, automated structuring of data from documents containing unstructured data, contextualization of reference data for specific consumption channels, etc.
In this webinar, you will discover :
  • How AI services can help meet the challenges of reference data quality and richness,
  • What gas pedals and new approaches will AI bring to Data Management projects?
  • What will be the new roles and impacts for Data Management players?
  • How the data repository will open up to multi-context data,
  • How to ensure the effectiveness of the AI algorithms at the heart of these solutions.

Passionate speakers

  • Pascal Anthoine, Director of Data Governance & Management, Micropole
  • David Decloux, PreSales Director South, Informatica
  • Chi-Chay Ung, Senior Sales Consultant, Informatica

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