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Salon de la Data 2023

Discover a day rich in data-related content

The Salon de la Data, the must-attend event for professionals involved in Data-driven business transformation, will be held on September 19, 2023 in Nantes. This event brings together the industry's key players, offering a space conducive to exchanges, discoveries and feedback.

Micropole will be present to share its expertise and innovations. We'll be taking the floor at two special events to present topical and inspiring subjects.

  • At 11:20 a.m., Micropole will host a 50-minute conference. Entitled "Data et Agilité : retour d'expérience avec le GIE SESAM Vitale", this presentation will give participants the opportunity to learn more about the best practices and lessons learned from this experience.
  • In the afternoon, at 2pm, Micropole will host a 45-minute interactive workshop. The theme of this workshop is "How Eurial's IT department is helping its business users to reclaim their data". Micropole will share the strategies implemented by Eurial's Information Systems Department to enable business users to regain control of their data. Participants will discover concrete solutions and effective methodologies for improved collaboration between business teams and the IT Department.


In addition to these talks, Micropole will be presenting an exclusive innovation on its stand: the neural headset 🚀. At a time when brands are focusing increasingly on the virtual with the emergence of web3 and the metaverse, Micropole has made the bold choice to turn its attention to the real world. This neural headset offers participants a unique experience, allowing them to navigate between their senses and states of full awareness.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet Micropole experts, enrich your knowledge of Data-driven business transformation and discover the latest innovations in the sector. Register via the form 👉


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