Data Platform

Take advantage of the latest analytical innovations while improving speed and agility

One of the central issues in building a digital enterprise is the architecture of its data management system.

In fact, in a world of Data, the explosion in the volume of data, the variety of uses and the need to serve as many people as possible means that the architectures used to make the most of its data assets must be reviewed. The system must be scalable, secure and reliable.

All these changes require the migration of IT architectures to Data Platforms to cover these different needs and thus meet the use cases requested by the business (operational monitoring, predictive analysis, predictive maintenance, augmented analytics, customer scoring, fraud detection, etc.).

In such an approach, questions are bound to arise. How can we guarantee resilience, security and scalability? How to guarantee financial monitoring and ecological impact? How do you guarantee the automation of processes? How do you set up roles and responsibilities? How to open communication flows? How do you move data around? How to move the algorithms?

After an initial diagnosis, our teams of experts will work with you to define a target architecture and an implementation roadmap: technological choices, implementation choices, economic model, skills and integration into the existing IS.

Micropole supports you in this real company project which will extend over time to gradually migrate data and applications to this new architecture.

Our Azure, AWS and GCP centers of excellence enable us to help you implement these Data Platforms in your target Cloud Service Providers and secure their operation using best practices for operational, economic and security excellence.

Use case

Data services support the company's businesses through a quality, agility and responsibility approach.

- Emmanuel Manceau
Director of Data

Our Cloud Partners

We are technology agnostic and partner with the major cloud providers (GCP, Azure, AWS). As experts, we have a thorough understanding of the technology of their offerings, and are therefore able to help you choose the right technology for your needs.

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