Digital Responsibility

Identify the levers to reduce your digital footprint

According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, the digital sector is responsible for 3.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the sharp increase in usage suggests that this carbon footprint will double by 2025. In France, it consumes 10% of the electricity. In a context of global warming, loss of biodiversity and energy crisis, the sector plays a dual role: on the one hand, it is an emitter, and in this context, it must reduce its impact, and on the other hand, it is a solution provider and must accelerate its development in this direction.

In order to reduce their footprint, companies must first become aware of their footprint, understand which areas are the biggest emitters, and identify the levers to reduce their digital footprint. To do this, it is necessary to raise awareness and involve all stakeholders, to assess the impact of the IT department and to establish an action plan to be followed at the highest level of the company.

Aware of being a decisive player in the construction of a world where Data shapes the performance of companies and their responsibility in the digital era, Micropole is collectively committed to Responsible Digital. We design, build, secure and deploy, at scale, operational and efficient models to enable sustainable and responsible growth for our clients.

Digital Responsibility, a continuous improvement approach that aims to reduce the digital footprint

Reducing the environmental footprint of the IT department, putting digital technology at the service of sustainable development and designing responsible digital services are all challenges that companies must take up. In order to support its customers, Micropole has created a community of experts to help its customers move towards Responsible Digital Services, through proven methodologies and offers. Our experts help you build your vision and support you in its implementation, with a roadmap that impacts your entire organization.


Integrate all stakeholders and make them understand all the issues at stake


State of play on the Digital Responsible approach within your organization


Definition of a strategy with vision and operational objectives within your organization

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