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All departments in a company have a Management & Change role

With digitalization, organizational modes are evolving, allowing companies to maintain their competitiveness. More and more, project/transversal work (tribes, guilds, task forces, etc.), which encourages collaboration, is developing. The relationship between manager and employee has a less hierarchical connotation, the manager delegates more, he is present to motivate his teams and work with them to achieve the objectives. We speak of collaborative management.

With the health crisis and the implementation of telecommuting, management is also becoming more agile. Responsible for the performance of his team, the manager must have confidence in his team and give them autonomy. His mission is to federate his team and to encourage collaboration through the digital tools he has put in place.

All the departments of a company have a Management & Change role to play, each one must listen to the employees, be involved in the exchange and in the co-construction. Relational skills and soft skills have become strategic in order to make the company culture evolve and guarantee the success of its transformation.

Use cases

We build solutions with our customers through numerous field interviews, data analysis to define a customized strategy.

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