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Givenchy and Micropole: a winning partnership for effective management of retail strategy

Find out how Micropole is supporting Givenchy in its ambitious project to revitalize its international stores, with its user-centered approach and the use of adapted technology.


Givenchy, world-renowned for its women's and men's fashion collections, is a House that has been redefining the codes of elegance, chic and femininity since its foundation in 1952. With a presence in 69 countries and 100 directly-operated stores worldwide, Givenchy faced major challenges in terms of information management and retail performance.

The company's business units were finding it difficult to access information, while multiple reports, tools and different sources were complicating strategic decision-making. However, Givenchy was open to innovative solutions to overcome these obstacles.


The main challenge for Givenchy was to revitalize its stores and implement action plans to optimize the performance of its sales forces. To achieve this, several key objectives were identified, including:

  • Set up a common reporting solution accessible in-store,
  • Integrate a solution that combines goal capture and performance monitoring,
  • Adopt a common language for all user profiles, from General Management to Sales Associates
  • Develop an intuitive, user-friendly application that can be used by all boutiques and central functions.


Designed by Micropole using the Qlik Sense solution and in close collaboration with Givenchy's Retail department, the G-Connect Store project was deployed in Givenchy stores from April to June 2023.

The key methods used to achieve these objectives include :

  • Grouping of functionalities: G-Connect Store enables goal input and activity monitoring to be grouped together in a single application. Real-time data entry was made possible by the use of Write, an add-on module for Qlik Sense.
  • Co-design: G-Connect Store was developed in collaboration with the professions, guaranteeing a solution tailored to their specific needs. The application is accessible via IPADs for sales clerks and via PCs for head office staff.
  • Automatic reloads: Data is automatically updated at regular intervals for real-time decision-making.


Givenchy now has a centralized tool for managing its stores and boosting sales, making it easier to take strategic decisions.

The analysis application associated with G-Connect Store updates data every 30 minutes, enabling users to cross-reference information from various data collection tools.

All stores and users worldwide can enter their objectives in real time, enabling proactive performance management.