Micropole continues its strategic development in China

Micropole, an international consulting and engineering group specializing in Business Intelligence, e-Business, ERP and CRM, announces the opening of an office in Beijing - its third in China - which will enable it to position itself strongly in the emerging Chinese Business Intelligence market.

In line with its development plan, the Group is pursuing its strategy of deploying all of its expertise in the geographic areas where it is present, and increasing the proportion of its revenues generated outside France.

By opening a new office in Beijing, close to the major decision-making centers in the north of the country, the group is strengthening its presence and now offers all its business and sector expertise in China. Already present in the country following the acquisition of the Chinese company Easteq (now Micropole China), the group has been deploying its e-Business, CRM and ERP offerings from its offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong since June 2011.

The Micropole China team in Beijing, with a dozen engineers and project managers and headed by Ping Lin, General Manager of Micropole China, now offers its Business Intelligence expertise to Chinese SMEs and large accounts, as well as European accounts established in China, particularly in the automotive, pharmaceutical and aeronautical sectors.

Business Intelligence, a booming market

A majority of Chinese companies use reporting tools that do not meet the constraints of their strong growth. They are also becoming aware of the need to adapt their management processes, especially financial processes, to the international standards of their customers. With a 2011 revenue ten times lower than in France1, the Chinese market for Business Intelligence solutions and services is in full structuring and represents a significant development potential.

Helping companies in China manage their growth

Building on its 25 years of leadership in the European Business Intelligence market, Micropole is now offering its expertise in the development of reporting systems from Beijing, enabling managers to collect, consolidate, model and restore all the complex information in the company, with the aim of helping them make strategic decisions. On April 24, 2012, the group organized the1st Chinese Business Intelligence Forum, to present to its local customers and prospects the opportunities offered by business intelligence for the development of companies. This event, which took place in Shanghai, was attended by more than 100 people, and will be repeated in Beijing at the end of 2012.

The added value of Micropole China on the Chinese market Chinese market

"Driven by a rapidly expanding BI market in China, we are building on our experience in France and Europe to offer our added value to Chinese and foreign companies in building their BI systems," said Ping Lin, General Manager, Micropole China. "The group's growth potential in China is significant. Our presence in China now allows us to offer Chinese companies the full range of our innovative offerings with the same quality and performance standards as in Europe, while being adapted to the cost of the local market, " adds Christian Poyau, CEO of Micropole.

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