The CNRS entrusts Micropole with its MDM

Micropole, an international group leader in its markets for e-Business, Business Intelligence and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, announces the launch of a project to implement a transverse MDM application platform for the information system (IS) of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). This platform will be based on the EBX software from Orchestra Networks.

As a public organization that conducts research in all scientific, technological and societal fields, the CNRS's mission is to produce knowledge and to put this knowledge at the service of society. With more than 34,000 employees and locations throughout France, the CNRS is naturally faced with the need for overall consistency across the organization.

As part of the urbanization of its IS, and in order to simplify the management of reference data, while increasing data quality and promoting exchanges within and outside the IS, the CNRS wishes to implement an MDM base enabling it to host multiple repositories over time. After consultation, the CNRS entrusted this ambitious mission to Micropole's teams. Backed by their expertise and presence throughout France, the project will be managed by the Micropole Southwest teams, who will also be supported by the Micropole Group's MDM center of expertise.

" This project involves multiple issues, both business and technical. To meet the needs of the CNRS, we have to set up a transverse MDM application platform that will host technical, organizational and business repositories. In addition to project management, the CNRS also entrusted us with change management and training for this project ", explains Céline Shourick, Director of Micropole's South-West branch.

" This project is important in the context of our information system urbanization process. It includes an architectural component, with the implementation of a shared IT space specialized in repository management, but also a business governance component for repositories to ensure consistency and agility in the face of business changes. We chose to work with Micropole because of its expertise in implementing MDM projects," continues Jean-Marc Voltini, Director of the CNRS IT Department.

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