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FINA, the intelligent financial assistant

As part of a financial process automation prototype, Micropole and its partner IBM have created an intelligent business assistant in the form of a web application on the workstation, which helps executives, managers, finance department employees and business departments in their performance and financial management activities.


The finance function is constantly changing. Since the birth of IT, the evolution of technologies has allowed for improved management and analysis capabilities, and for the automation of recurring, repetitive and low value-added tasks.
Process automation has already been widely deployed within general accounting processes but does not satisfactorily address use cases that require intelligence and confidence to process a task, to make decisions or to interact with users.
The Fina robot allows the finance department to evolve into a performance department that supports C-levels and business departments on a daily basis in the definition and execution of their growth strategy.

Methods and solutions

Autonomous email processing, data consolidation in files, automated injection of data into company tools, autonomous response to reporting requests by voice command, automatic accounting entry, ... these are just some of the tasks that this versatile assistant is able to perform.

Fina can respond to many use cases and can learn. Upstream ideation work carried out with the financial department and management control allows the identification of time-consuming tasks, recurring requests or activities that could be taken over by Fina.

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