We assist you in your transformation

Digital data and its usage represent true transformation and performance opportunities with regard to new market stakes and marketing management needs:

  • ROI
  • Visibility and communication
  • Sales optimization
  • Customer relationships and  experience
  • Customer knowledge
  • Time To Market

With our integrated digital agency Wide, we partner you in your digital transformation and the development of innovative devices.


How can we help you?

We partner your teams by putting experts at your disposal, whose mission is to:

  • Scope and define your needs
  • Imagine and design your projects
  • Orchestrate their implementation
  • Know your business
  • Manage your campaigns.

Concretely, we bring you:

  • Mastery over the entire chain of digital value within your overall strategy.
  • Recognized expertise in three fields: digital strategy, customer relationships and customer knowledge.
  • A high service level through adapted and result-geared service provision.
  • The advantages and innovation of a partner network.
  • Proven agile methods of governance and production.
  • The achievement, efficiency and speed guarantees of an agency containing over 400 talents.
  • The technology watch and advice of our Research and Innovation department.




The APICIL group is one of the leading French groups in complementary health insurance. Micropole implemented the IBM Unica solution to manage cross-channel campaigns which cover both companies (collective complementary retirement and health insurance) and individuals (health, providence and savings). Beyond  the development of the email channel, the project has improved the 360° vision of customers and prospects, eased the design and undertaking of marketing campaigns, and given rise to real involvement of sales teams, with flawless CRM integration.

Within the multi-channel management of  Gan Assurance, Micropole contributes to refining the customer path  analyses (achievement of on-line quotes, impact on  transformation, …) the goal being to optimize them for greater sales efficiency (desire scores) and ultimately to give a recurring summary of business, taking the specifics of each portfolio into consideration.

Micropole operated in a consulting capacity on the digital strategy definition of APCE. The Micropole teams worked on the identification of new high value-added services which enabled strengthening the  revenue generation of the Agence pour la Création d’Entreprise offer, and also on the definition of target customers, of tools geared to supporting the offers and services and lastly on the production of the  Business Plan.

Wide, the Micropole digital agency, partnered the New Look Group in the creation and implementation of an unprecedented event, the New Look University Tour. Wide advised the brand to seek out young people in their academic establishments to propose competitions, reductions and one-off events in collaboration with the students’ offices, basing these actions on innovative technologies (QR codes,  social media channels, iPad terminals…).

«It’s an ambitious project necessitating real teamwork, and event which will be remembered and enhance New Look », comments Marie Dupin Marketing Manager of New Look International. For this, Wide implemented a true 360 device by creating the visual identity for the event and transposing it over many supports including on digital channels.

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Our Partners

We work totally independently with the most innovating and high-performing vendors on the market.

Our experts know the best solutions of the main market vendors, which enables them to operate fully objectively on technical consulting in the tool choice phase.

In partnership with the groups’ Research & Innovation department, we have selected and implemented a specific strategy with certain vendors for the performance and particularly innovative nature of their solutions.

We are proud to be notably partners of: Oracle, IBM, SAP, Jalios, Jahia, Sinequa, iTesoft, Webtrends, exalead, eZ, Synabase, Digimind, Reboard, PolySpot, Update, Microsoft...

And also of: IBM WebSphere Commerce, Magento, hybris software (SAP), Oracle ATG Web Commerce, BroadVision, Compario, Planet World, Oxid eshop, Drupal Commerce, RBS Change, for their e-commerce solutions.