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Personalize your customers' shopping experience with Product Experience Management

Optimize the product information delivered on your different sales channels and make sure you deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.


Distribution network specializing in gardening, pet supplies and home decoration products, the brand has existed for over 200 years and is now the leader in France in its segment.

  • 552 million euros in revenues
  • 10.3 million checkouts per year
  • 24 million visits to the website per year
  • 2800 employees


More than ever, companies must focus their strategy on their customers. The experience provided to their customers is based on the personalization of their purchasing process, regardless of the channel used. This strategy relies on reliable product information whether it is in-store, online or on a marketplace. To remain competitive with the ever-increasing number of new entrants and an increasingly versatile customer base, it is necessary to have the right product information in the right place at the right time.

Following a study on the company's digital transformation, this French leader in garden center products launched a digital acceleration program in 2017, consisting of nine projects.

Among these projects, the definition and implementation of a Data strategy aimed at improving product information, in order to meet the expectations of customers who are in contact with the company at multiple points.

Methods and Solutions

Micropole's Data Governance teams defined and implemented a Data strategy, which was essential for accelerating the company's digital transformation: redesigning the product repository, replacing and decommissioning the existing MDM once all the products and flows had been activated in the new PIM to serve the company's current and future challenges

After a needs analysis, the STEP solution from Stibo Systems was selected and implemented in conjunction with the upstream ERP and the transverse DAM. Progressively, the teams integrated the product ranges, defined and implemented the supply flows for the new e-commerce site.


  • Better consistency of structured and unstructured content across products
  • Establish a single view of data across channels, systems and industries
  • Automated collection of all information produced from multiple sources
  • Improvement of data quality
  • A customizable user interface for intuitive data management by the business and optimal performance management
  • Optimized distribution of data to various existing and new channels (E-commerce site, MarketPlace, in-store publishing, etc.)

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