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Provide your employees with a solution to accelerate their sales processes and marketing expenses

Do you want to save time by optimizing your sales process and managing your marketing expenses? Do you need a high-performance tool that enables collaborative working? Find out how Micropole supported CAMUS in a project to manage sales activity and marketing expenses.


Camus is a French family business which produces and markets cognac throughout the world. It has a turnover in 2021 of 66 million euros and employs 120 people.

Their tasks:

  • Production of high quality cognac under the name "Camus la Grande Marque
  • Marketing of cognac throughout the world


Camus called on Micropole in order to better manage the group's strategic sales and marketing activities.

The implementation of a flexible and collaborative tool became necessary for Camus in order to optimize the processes of data collection, consolidation and follow-up which were previously time-consuming and limited.

With Jedox, the Camus teams now manage the sales and marketing process on a unified platform, according to defined workflow steps with different contributors, facilitating management and analysis.

In addition to these objectives, the chosen tool had to meet the following requirements:

  • Rights management
  • Data reliability
  • Time saving


Camus chose to rely on JEDOX and asked Micropole to implement the solution.

Jedox is a cloud-based performance management solution (EPM), based on multidimensional technology. Its intuitive, unified platform enables rapid user adoption.

The flexibility of Jedox allows to combine both a top down and a bottom up vision to best cover the business needs.

The tool allows for real-time simulation of the margin through the implementation of management rules.

This project was led by our expert consultants with a hybrid project management approach, combining the V-cycle method and the agile method, thus enabling close collaboration with the business lines (business, IT and accounting).


The implementation of the tool offers the Camus Group :

  • Better management of allocations
  • Saves time on data collection and consolidation
  • A better quality of the follow-up of the costs
  • Reliability
  • Scalability