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Improving your management/reporting system with Micropole's support

Do you want to control the quality of your data and improve data processing?

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Find out how Micropole supported a client in the insurance sector in their project.


The company is an independent management center specialized in the management of group contracts for the reimbursement of health and welfare benefits. It acts on behalf of brokers and insurance companies, in particular a broker specialized in corporate insurance (Health, Provident, Retirement, Corporate Risks).

Some numbers:

Our client is :

  • 2 management sites
  • 180,000 beneficiaries
  • 150 partners


Thanks to its information system, our client provides the broker specialized in corporate insurance with a set of data necessary for the production of Health and Personal Protection statistical booklets for its risk-bearing clients. The reporting tool " myReport " allows to produce the key management indicators necessary for the piloting of the company. It was possible to cross-reference certain data sources, however some business areas were not covered.

In addition, the changeover to a new business software package had a major impact on the production chain for statistical booklets and management indicators, which was subject to strong time constraints.

The insurance company called on Micropole to meet several challenges:

  • Improvement of its management system
  • Controlling your data assets
  • Simplification of data processing and reporting
  • The empowerment of users in the search and production of information
  • Offer new services to brokers

The company has also set itself the goal of being able to calculate management indicators from data from several sources and to build a data warehouse that integrates all the data from the IZY PROTECT module as a priority.

Methods and Solutions

One of the particularities of the project is that it had to start during thefirst containment, forcing the project teams to work and advance the project entirely remotely.

In order to meet our client's requirements and with the ambition of creating a unique product, Micropole combined Data and Digital skills to carry out this project in a transverse manner.

Finally, to help the company improve its management system, Micropole set up a two-stage support program:

The first step consisted in the realization of a scoping study in order to analyze the existing situation, identify the needs and propose scenarios and a detailed plan for the short-term implementation phase of the management booklets and indicators.

The second step was the implementation of the management indicators and the development of the web application statistical booklets, through the construction of a Cloud architecture under Microsoft Azure to the production launch.


This new solution has been well received by users, who have adopted the application and now use it as their main tool for producing their indicators.

In this continuity, and after a first phase of use, a V2 of the application will be released in 2022, integrating new major evolutions.

Several versions of the application are planned for other targets, notably for insurers.

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