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Micropole takes a stake in Campus Cyber

Micropole announced today that it has acquired a stake in Campus Cyber SAS, a French company that aims to support the Campus Cyber initiative, a site presented as the future totem of cybersecurity.

Christophe Levier, Director of the Go Cloud & Security BU, is delighted with Micropole's partnership as an associate member ETI Cybersecurity: "Cybersecurity has become a major issue for companies, so the aim is to bring together national and international talent and players, in one place, to facilitate joint projects, create synergies and innovate." The Cyber Campus is scheduled to open in October 2021 and more than 100 players from different sectors have already indicated their willingness to participate. The aim will then be to open regional branches of the campus to "build a trusted digital society together" around the values of excellence, trust and sharing.

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