Feel'Tech: sensory immersion to enhance the customer experience

Micropole, an international consulting group specializing in data-driven business transformation, unveils Feel'Tech, an innovative, immersive technology focused on sensory experience. Here's how it works.

Following the "data driven" logic, brands have understood that they must seek to transform the analysis of collected data into strategic opportunities: creating new products and services, improving the customer experience and so on.

To meet this challenge, the Micropole Group has set up a digital innovation program dedicated to Luxury and Beauty brands: Hi'Tech Luxury, whose teams are made up of both Gen AI and Retail Tech experts.

What is the Feel'Tech solution?

The Feel'Tech solution is one of the innovations to emerge from the Hi'Tech Luxury program, which aims to create a stronger emotional bond between brands and their customers.

How does it work? This solution measures cognitive and emotional responses (thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations) in reaction to sensory stimuli. It translates brainwaves from the prefrontal cortex into interpretable data. Indeed, when we touch a fabric, smell a perfume or taste a square of chocolate, the brain is activated and generates numerous emotions linked to the five senses. Feel'Tech makes it possible to visualize these emotions using an application and a neural EEG headset. 

What technology is used?

Feel'Tech is the fruit of a solid collaboration between the Hi'Tech Luxury team and several American startups and neuroscience research and study institutes. These partnerships have given rise to cutting-edge connected experiences. The EEG headsets, equipped with sophisticated sensors, offer the impressive capacity to measure up to 1,200 data points per second, enabling real-time analysis of the positive emotions aroused during sensory stimulation.

"We find that the results are often associated with emotional and family memories or olfactory memory," the teams explain in a release.

What are the fields of application?

Feel'Tech enables the collection of a new type of data: emotional data. Having an overview of how customers feel when they discover a product, for example, can enable companies to adjust the associated communication campaign, or adapt the customer journey to offer a multi-sensory experience.

"At a time when artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips, at Micropole we wanted to revalue the essence of humanity, emotions. Technology works wonders when you put meaning into it," concludes Marion Scala, Head of Micropole's Hi'Tech Luxury program.

Photos: © Jeremy Barande

Model: Hanna Mergui, a student in artificial intelligence at the Ecole Polytechnique, uses photography to explain certain notions linked to new technologies. "Art is a very impactful universal language."
In particular, she has worked on the Aixplanation project in collaboration with Jeremy Barande, which aims to use art to popularize artificial intelligence.

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