Portrait of ChatGPT: who are you?

Can generative artificial intelligences become strong business partners for brands?

Brands exploit this phenomenon to boost their creativity and leave a lasting impression (for example, Coca-Cola uses the Masterpiece project to stand out, Nestlé rethinks its famous Laitière, and Cartier rejuvenates Catherine Deneuve using Deepfake in its French Tank ad). 

Generative AI productions are incredibly realistic and can be created by anyone, without the need for specific skills. They deceive our credulity and blur the boundaries between reality and fiction, with applications that seem difficult to control and easily manipulated.

Indubitably powerful, generative AIs arouse fascination and questioning. Investigations are underway in France, Spain and Canada, while Italy has already adopted restrictive measures. What's more, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has set up a working group dedicated to this issue.

Read the article by Yves Colinet, Managing Partner of Databoost'R, Micropole Group's innovation program and startup gas pedal, on the IT Social website.

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