In Laurent Lemerre’s view: IT mobility

laurent-lemerreLAURENT LEMERRE,



Smartphones, PDAs, tablets… IT mobility issues no longer hold any secrets for Laurent Lemerre. His mission? To lead a dedicated team to develop mobile versions of business applications. 

With 19 years’ experience, of which 12 at Micropole, Laurent Lemerre can justifiably claim to have a rare insight into the evolution of information technology, from the birth of the internet to the smartphone revolution. “At Micropole, mobility has been a hot topic since WAP came onto the scene 10 years ago. Today, with the advent of the iPhone and other smartphones, we’ve got all we need to open an almost infinite number of possibilities for business applications.”


Mobility is a top priority for Micropole, who aims to systematically offer mobile variants of client projects, enabling them, among other things, to consult decision-support data on PDAs and access content through mobile portals. This is a huge challenge even for this ‘geek’ hooked on all forms of skiing and board sports, but who readily confesses that he can’t really surf the net on his telephone! “Two years from now, there will be twice as many mobile connections than landline connections. Lots of applications available at present turn out to be simple gadgets which lose their appeal with use. What I’m doing at Micropole is very different: in the long run, it’s about extending a working office onto mobile platforms so that users find themselves in their usual environment.”


iOS,Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry… these days there are almost as many operating systems as mobile devices! The challenge that Laurent Lemerre has set requires implementing technical solutions on an industrial scale to develop a single application that will work on all mobile platforms.


“The nub of the problem lies in being able to build a team which is ‘multi-technology’ oriented and not dedicated to a single environment. Today, we’re still a small team, but we are recruiting in these areas and by the end of 2011, we’ll have nearly 20 specialists dedicated to developing generic frameworks. And as I’m a demanding user, I make the same stringent requirements of my team.” It’s this unfailing quest for excellence from Laurent Lemerre that will enable Micropole to roll out mobile business applications offers starting in 2011 and consumer applications from 2012.




2011: Senior Architect, expert in mobility
2010: Installation of decision-support web and mobile portals
2009: Business Objects expertise for Crédit Agricole, Axa, Natixis, among others
2003-2008: Installation of technical architecture with numerous clients
1999-2002: Audit, preparation and deployment of various projects
1999: Project Manager at Micropole
1992: ERP Project Manager at TEC LOGIE IT Consulting
1991: Specialist Masters degree in IT engineering