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Smart Analytics

On a daily basis, company managers have to make strategic decisions, combining several functional and temporal factors. These trade-offs, which are by no means simple, are made more complex by the fact that the company, a veritable living ecosystem, evolves, deconcentrates and remobilises itself according to the challenges it encounters.
With the technological progress made in storage and calculation capacities, the brakes on collection and processing have been lifted. In just a few years, data has become a key asset of the company's assets, whether or not it is monetised.
At the same time, digital uses, in an ultra-connected world, are getting users used to consuming information in real time... and are themselves producing new data!
It has become essential to manage operations (sales, production, finance, human resources) as closely as possible and in real time.

Paradoxically, the questions of companies and their decision-makers are only rarely related to data exploitation problems - because recent technological advances, digital, cloud, etc. solve many aspects - but remain for many related to strategic or operational problems, on which the exploitation of data itself can shed a different light.

Identify the data well, to better interpret and use it to make informed decisions.

Micropole helps companies develop the know-how to master the entire data value chain and thus transform it into a strategic asset.

Our Centres of Excellence teams support them in identifying and capturing the data that drives growth and performance in each of the company's functions, from sales, marketing and finance to operations, talent management and human resources.

cTo manage their company's performance, decision-makers need dashboards that facilitate data visualisation. Thanks to a strategic management tool with regularly updated indicators, decision-makers gain autonomy and provide better communication, with greater clarity in their decision-making.
To solve the most complex problems, seize the most decisive opportunities, while controlling the risks inherent in innovation and market transformation, Micropole's teams support management in exploiting Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and predictive capabilities, and thus better prepare them for the future.
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