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What  Data value chain

In a context of crisis and accelerating cycles, companies must constantly optimise their productivity and operational efficiency. Poor quality reference data (customer, product, supplier, structure, etc.) will have a direct impact on the company's competitiveness, efficiency and responsiveness.


Implement data governance and data quality in line with operational factors and regulatory requirements (confidentiality)

  • Develop your company's cross-functional capacity to manage data
  • Establish cross-functional management for the use of data
  • Data governance and organisational effectiveness
  • Data quality control and metadata management (dictionaries, etc.)
  • Helping companies, with Legalcy & Compliance Approved data, to leverage their data and information to optimise costs and generate new revenue.

Enhance the value of data - Improve the use of data - Reduce costs - Improve processes - Improve data quality - Generate new revenues - Management of HR, supplier, person and product repositories

Data Gov

The organisation and governance models of your data


Your master data repositories
(Master Data Management)

Your Data Quality Management steps

Big Data

Your MDM issues, linked to Big Data


Enterprise Architecture or the Urbanisation of your IS


Compliance with various data-related regulations


Define and implement policies governing access across the entire data lifecycle, including processes, components that need to provide rapid access to data, in multiple formats, to multiple users

  • Master Data Management
  • Data security and clearance management
  • Big Data and Data Architecture (collection, sharing, dissemination...)

Build an "Intelligent Data" company with a complete data platform that covers all functions, from data capture to data exposure BI & Big Data Modelling

Propose and implement the best data storage solution in response to business and technological ambitions Data processing (ETL ELT, Big Data ingestion)

Define and implement data processing chains, from source systems to exposure layers, meeting both data quality and traceability issues


Making data accessible and using analytics and visualisation to help businesses understand their situation and make the right decisions

  • Reporting, business intelligence and performance management
  • Data Discovery and Business Analytics
  • Segmentation, correlation, behavioural analysis, predictive analysis

Leverage your data and business expertise to understand, predict and anticipate the occurrence of risks or opportunities to improve the efficiency of your business processes.

R&D and development of algorithms and tailor-made solutions - Forecasting and Simulation finance production supply chain sales - HR marketing - Customer knowledge - Fraud detection Risk - Monetization around data Predictive maintenance - Process automation - etc

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