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The volume of data in your information systems is increasing and you are faced with the challenges of quality, sharing, traceability and analysis of your data.

The volume of data in your information systems is increasing and you are faced with the challenges of quality, sharing, traceability and analysis of your data.

All these data, however large, deserve governance  in order   to be useable. Treating your data as an essential part of your organisation and your business will make your company more aware of its importance by becoming more flexible and adaptable.

To enable your data to flow securely and to be able to use it in an agile way, it is first and foremost essential to have  powerful data architecture suited to your business model.

The choice of your data architecture is essential to meet your objectives of  " data centric  or even " data driven " maturity and organization . It will be your  guarantee of uniqueness, centralizing your information and the final identification of your customers.

Have difficulty locating or accessing data*.
Have difficulty sharing data because it is siloed or fragmented*.
Find the collection of data for analysis complicated.*

*Micropole & IDC survey of 70 respondents in 2020

Data governance, a combination of methodology, human organization and solutions, will bring its share of benefits, starting with improved data quality and expertise in the technical implementation of your architecture. It will enable you to create and consolidate your business-critical information at a single point in your information system, and ensure that it flows smoothly between different users. As users' confidence and use of their data increases with its perceived quality, a virtuous cycle is created, and data reliability can be measured over time.

If the organisation then shares a single view of its data and how to manage it, then the tools will be used more wisely and the grey areas  of data exchanges will be avoided. The result is increased traceability and the ability to locate data in its most rightful place.

Our innovative people advise you on and build with you an iterative approach to understand all your specifics and respond to your issues. We adapt our methodology to your business challenges, your organisation and your business.


Your objectives in terms of usage: identify the value provided through data and useage.


Your business, your business stakes and your issues, through knowledge of your sector.


The necessary data: those of the company's assets and those external ones which are capable of adding value.


Optimal solutions: types of databases in relation to the identified uses and data,

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