Data Thinking

Micropole is launching Data Thinking to support companies in their transformation " data driven ".
A new approach that radically transforms the way we think about and deal with data issues.

All companies have data projects. But few companies have ongoing and sustainable data projects within their organisation. In fact, only 29% of companies believe they are able to achieve their transformation " data driven ", whereas 74% aspire to it.

However, the flood we are facing is nothing compared to the tsunamis that are coming. In 2020, there will be 40,000 billion billions of data created by human activity! The data driven US economy is a market worth nearly 200 billion dollars by 2021 and will represent 640,000 new jobs by 2021.

The first challenge is the use of data and its consideration across the company.
The Data project cannot be a simple succession of reporting, business intelligence, statistics, mining, dataviz and now artificial intelligence or machine learning projects, but must be considered as a permanent investment that constantly creates a little more wealth on which it is necessary to capitalise with creativity, rigour and perseverance.

Micropole is launching a new approach: Data Thinking, which disrupts the way of thinking about data subjects in the company.

This new approach desilutes the data problems encountered in the various business and IT projects to make them a real data transformation issue within companies.

Data Thinking provides a holistic vision of the data issue, using techniques borrowed from Design Thinking and applied to the various fields of data (data science, data governance, etc.).
It puts the " data users " and the business issues at the heart of the solution to complex problems thanks to collective intelligence.

The approach is based on principles inspired by Design Thinking and is structured in 5 steps:

1) Define and re-examine the problem by adopting new perspectives and formulating it to have a shared understanding by all parties.
2) Imagine: generate ideas using ideation techniques and a library of use cases capitalising on our expertise across the data value chain.
3) Facilitating the selection and prioritisation process of the solution with visual tools, storytelling... in order to invent, with our clients, the use cases of tomorrow that will allow them to stay one step ahead.
4) Crafter, i.e. experimenting with the chosen solution scenario using agile methods (MVP, POC, test & learn, etc.). Our technological expertise allows us to prototype and bring to life the data use cases.
5) Industrialising and deploying the solution (technical, organisational, methodological, etc.) that meets the business challenges and the problems of the data users

This is how our expertise in the various fields of data and design thinking came together to form Data Thinking.

Data Thinking combines the short term and the long term, providing solutions to user needs by solving their business/IT use cases and a trajectory in the company's data transformation.

This approach, which combines operationality and strategy, offers clear advantages:

A global vision
Reactivity for the benefit of the satisfaction of the "data user"
The ability to bring together all the components of creativity and all the skills involved (customer, data, marketing, R&D, prototypist, etc.) in a short timeframe
The rapid concretisation of something in order to test the result and obtain feedback
Learning from one's mistakes at a cross-company level in order to progress and make the company more intelligent and efficient in the exploitation of data

It is by responding to business challenges and by using a succession of use cases treated with the Data Thinking approach that the company will be able to gradually build up and enhance its data assets, in a sustainable manner, to make its dataorganisation intelligent.

Discover our Data Thinking approach in video:

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