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CSR, at the heart of the strategy

Economic development is no longer conceivable without environmental and social progress. Our ambition is therefore based on three main areas: environment, society and quality of life at work.

Environmental changes are a major challenge for humanity and it is essential that digital players mobilize to integrate digital into their environmental trajectory:

  • Micropole is certified #ImpactIndex, a label awarded by ChooseMyCompany to companies that respect environmental, social and governance criteria
  • Micropole is a signatory of the Planet Tech'Care charter and the United Nations Global Compact.
Micropole member of Planet Tech'Care

These commitments are part of our goal to significantly reduce our carbon footprint by 2023 and to develop our skills in digital responsibility.

As a partner of the Femmes du Digital Ouest association , we are keen towork towards greater gender diversity in the digital sector, to make young girls aware of the opportunities offered by our sector and to promote female role models. In addition to professional equality, we are involved with several Etablissements et Services d'Aide par le Travail (ESAT), which aim to promote the social and professional integration of disabled adults.

The Quality of Life at Work (QWL) is also at the heart of our actions, which is why our #InnovativePeople are mobilized and allow us to obtain the #HappyAtWork label for the4th consecutive year!

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