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Report on the Big Data & AI 2021 exhibition

Far fewer conversational AI solutions this year, but far more AI automation and management solutions.

By Jérôme Malzac - Innovation Officer Micropole

The layout of this exhibition in the corridors of the Palais des Congrès is not, in my opinion, optimal for discovering all the exhibitors. The biggest players are in the entrance hall, the start-ups are relegated to a long corridor and the already well-known and well-established companies are in the opposite corridor. In short, it is always a labyrinthine game at the Palais des Congrès.
Most of the big publishers were present with attractive stands and a showcase of their flagship solutions, some interesting announcements but I won't dwell on those that can easily be found in their communication.

Smart Predict

is a SaaS solution from Madagascar that enables the creation and deployment of artificial intelligence projects in a guided, supervised and rapid manner.

Whether the algorithms are existing on the market or specifically developed, the solution allows the creation of the entire workflow, the data feed, the actions necessary for their learning and use.

In the form of a process diagram, the construction console (via drag & drop) of the various tasks provides a clear and comprehensible graphical interface for handling and retrieval.

There are many uses in all sectors: consumption forecasts (industry), product recommendations (marketing), default predictions (banking and insurance), etc.

To be explored, to provide our algorithms with a centralised management interface which is sometimes lacking in our projects.

No great revolution, since we are dealing here with a solution that offers analysis and dataviz models for marketing data collected online by the various tracking tools.

It is purely a customer behaviour analysis tool like others, but what attracted me was the ease of use and interfacing and the fact that the start-up is looking for partners to collaborate with to improve their models. 
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