The acceleration of digital transformations in the face of the hybridization of work modes

The annual Microsoft Build event dedicated to its community took place on May 24, an opportunity for Microsoft to showcase its latest innovations, around Azure, Power Platform, Windows and Microsoft 365 solutions.

Evolving technological products for new ways of working.

Today, new work models are emerging and redefining collaborative work. At the heart of this transformation, data is shaping and transforming these new working methods.

In the age of hybrid work, Microsoft reiterated its commitment to accelerate digital transformation through talent by training new "citizen developers" and empowering employees.

Accompanying companies in their digital transition, Microsoft has announced several new features around its Power Platform technology, facilitating collaborative work, its impact and its adoption among employees, making low code faster, easier and more innovative.

Here are Microsoft's announcements on the different bricks of the Power Platform:

Introduced on June 24 at the conference, the new product called "Power Pages" will allow the creation of professional websites. This low-code, scalable and secure solution will allow anyone to create websites with ease.

Power BI users can now share their dashboards directly in their PowerPoint presentation. No need to take screenshots and add low-value tasks. These reports will allow you to interactively interact directly in your presentations to explore in depth the data expressed.

Companies face the need to develop applications ever faster.

According to IDC, more than 500 million applications and services will be built in the next five years1. Developers today are faced with a fast pace of development due to rapid business and market changes. To address this challenge, Microsoft has added the Express Design feature to the Power Apps brick. This enhancement demonstrates the power of artificial intelligence under the Power Platform. Create applications easily and instantly, with a simple image or a hand-drawn model in Paint, Power Apps will be able to recognize the different fields and identify the overall structure of the desired application, in order to propose an application as close as possible to the user's needs.

The age of maturity for chatbots?

In 2022, 85% of exchanges between customers and companies will take place via chatbots2. Customer relations in the digital age remain one of the major challenges for companies. At the heart of this trend, Microsoft has evolved the Power Virtual Agents brick, which enables the creation of advanced conversational AI bots. The technology giant's customers will now be able to improve the quality of customer interactions with intelligent bots thanks to images, videos that can now be added in the answers. They will be able to provide enriched responses to their internal and external customers.

Towards a convergence of business and IT?

The Power Platform is a real meeting ground between IT and the business, providing IT with a governance space over the applications developed within a working environment and giving employees the opportunity to create solutions that accelerate business.

These trends will be confirmed in the coming months with Microsoft's upcoming announcements, including at the Power Platform French Summit event on November 18-19, 2022.

1 IDC 2 Gartner

Paloma DJIKE Power Platform Consultant
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