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Big Data simplicity

by Micropole

Data volume should be 50 times bigger in 2020! This fact places Big Data at the center of corporate issues. It’s nonetheless necessary to know how to take this phenomenon, and what to do with these data. Not always easy when you know the number of information sources with which enterprises are faced today: enterprises which need to know how to aggregate, analyze and enhance these data.   Here is where Big Data fully fits into corporate strategy.

The main upheaval induced by Big Data lies in the new relationships between business lines (often marketing) and I.T., which provide  the guarantee of competitiveness and higher performance. Whether on the business side (usage) or the It side (technical implementation), Big Data enables re-thinking the organization, enhancing the complementary nature of the IT and business sides, on condition that you know how to use this mass of data.
The plus: business information aligned to corporate strategy.

Big Data stakes

Big Data implies complementarity between business management on the one hand and IT management on the other.

The business lines

Confronted with increasing pressure from marketing and sales management…the main stakes are based on bringing added value to the business lines. How? By taking full advantage of the data collected via multi-channel, social networks …

Objective: to deploy new usage in order to find new performance levers.

Information Technology

I.T management must face up to regular budget cuts and in-house skills often little adapted to a Big Data program. Result: IT management often feel a lack of culture or legitimacy in relation to operational management.

Faced with an increasing volume of data and ever-evolving business needs, the main stakes for IT management are based on understanding, even anticipation of, business needs.

Objective: to support business management more effectively and make relevant choices.    


The goal of all Big Data strategy is to be able to bring usage value to the business in the context of corporate digital transformation.

Marketing Optimization

Through increased customer knowledge, thanks to omni-channel path analyses, the marketing management can now benefit from 360° customer vision which enriches CRM external data. The plus: determine the customer multi-channel background to send the right message at the right time through the right channel, to improve the customer experience, ensure loyalty and bring true added value.

Risk detection and measurement

Keeping an eye on on-line reputation, implementing differentiating factors in relation to the competition… predictive analysis of data enables not only detection of potential risks but also upstream  implementation  of preemptive actions, thus growing competitiveness in changing world-wide markets.


Through the internet of objects, it has now become possible to implement inter-linked digital communication systems enabling data exchanges between virtual and physical worlds - implementation which considerably opens up fields of possibility and offers almost unlimited prospects to enterprises … provided that maintenance and predictive supervision related to the connected objects can be assured. 

Steering digital transformation

Digital transformation has become inevitable for every corporation. It’s no longer time to wonder if we need to go there, but rather how to go there. Steering this transformation is clearly strategic, through the detection of new levers of transformation, the  guarantee of operational efficiency and competitiveness. 

How to benefit fully from these usages? By exploiting these data in the best possible way thanks to Big Analytics, indissociable from Big Data.

Big Analytics refers to the collection, organization and analysis processes for these volumes of data, with the aim of extracting models or useful information from them. This is the ‘business’ dimension of a Big Data project.

Our added value

Big Data is a part of Micropole’s DNA.The group’s Research and Innovation teams partner our customers daily, notably through Big-Data –centric consulting services. Today, almost 80 % of our customers are working on Big Data –related issues.  

On the strength of our analyses on Big Data –related business stakes and needs, Micropole proposes its consulting offer to partner its customers on their complex issues and ease access to Big Data, via the Data Science Platform, a unique offer on the market to help customers to benefit fully from Big Data, without worrying about the technology; and to partner enterprises in their Big Data analyses for maximum benefit with its Big Analytics offer.

Our 4 offers

to be Big Data Ready

Analyze your stakes and needs

The Micropole Consulting teams partner their customers on all their Big Data issues. Working closely with the Group’s R &I teams, they analyze the customers Big data-related stakes and needs.

Get started on Big Data

The group’s R&I department analyze the business stakes and their needs in terms of Big Data issues. Thanks to its Data Science Platform offer, Micropole helps its customers get started and make the most of Big Data today, without worrying about technology.

Turn your Big Data into value

Without analysis, Big Data has no value for an enterprise. Micropole helps you to turn the ‘white noise’ of Big Data into real and measureable value for your corporation, and also to reform your decision-support information system to make it   "Big Data-ready".

Data Governance:

Optimize your data quality.

Expert opinion



We work in total independence with the most innovative and high-performing vendors on the market.

Our experts master the best market solutions, which enables them to offer their technical consulting services in tool choice phases with complete objectivity.  

In partnership with the group’s Research & Innovation department, we have selected and implemented a specific strategy with some vendors for the performance and the particularly innovative nature of their solutions.

We are especially proud to be partners of: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, CloudWatt, TableauSoftware , Qlick, DataWatch, Talend.



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