IBM launches Information Governance Council with Micropole






As any American will tell you, all good partnerships are a ‘two-way street’! While Micropole has been able to develop new skills centers thanks to its strong relationship with IBM, the world’s leading B2B software maker can now count on 450 experienced personnel in all business sectors throughout France.


Ever since the successive takeovers of Ascential and Cognos by IBM 13 years ago, Micropole and IBM have been forging a close partnership, in which they have been able to develop new interests and skills in new fields. “Micropole has cleverly transformed its ‘personal’ relationship with Ascential into a well-established, professional relationship with IBM. Since Cognos was bought out, they have positioned themselves in certain key upcoming sectors, such as master data management, and as such have added new strings to their bow”, explains Alain Joubert, Business Analytics Sales Executive at IBM.


A recent sign of the strength of relationships between IBM and Micropole was the launch on April 14th, 2011 of the “IBM Information Governance Council”. The IGC is the product of a shared initiative, which has already brought together over 150 companies from the United States and other countries to consider corporate data governance best practices in the light of the ever-burgeoning volumes being produced. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the value of their data and the IGC is undoubtedly an excellent way of maintaining control. “The IGC gives IT, finance, managing and marketing directors the chance to meet up to exchange and share IT system best practices in order to obtain a 360° vision of critical data. It was logical for Micropole, as an expert in information management, to be involved throughout these discussions.”



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