Reinventing business with data science

Data Science aims to solve complex analytical problems related to the utilisation of data, i.e. the massive amounts of raw information stored in a multi-dimensional database (data warehouse) in companies. Data science or data marketing is often referred to as Big Data, but it is not limited to data processing. In concrete terms, it allows you to use data creatively to create value for your business.  Data Science allows you to discover new insights from the mass of data in your company. This megadata comes from a wide variety of sources and is very heterogeneous. Basic Business Intelligence tools (Power Bi) are no longer able to handle this massive data set and especially this huge variety of data.  By analysing this information at  granular level, you can discover, analyse and understand complex trends and behaviours that you would not have initially noticed. The goal is to bring out information that can help your business make better decisions. This requires the kind of analytical creativity of which a data scientist is capable.


Risk Management Departments
Risk managers feel the urgency of their CEO to lower risks (Gartner 2020)


Risk Management Departments
see a faster/stronger emergence of risks (Gartner 2020)
In a context of increasingly abundant data and increasingly powerful storage tools, holding data (operations, supply, marketing, sales, HR....) is becoming a company asset, and it is the responsibility of managers to exploit it. The challenge is to know how to use and enhance this data to develop performance or optimise the value chain (industrial, supply, sales, knowledge, customer acquisition and loyalty, human resources allocation, etc.)

The challenge is therefore to improve efficiency and operational performance by having more reliable information in advance and directly exploitable. Managers want to be able to focus their efforts on better identified targets on which their actions generate real added value. They need strategic information, at the right time, in the right format and in the right environment, to optimise profitability and operational processes.

CDO and CTO join forces to give them the means to evaluate the performance and relevance of transformations, to measure their real contribution and to identify possible deviations or drops in performance over time.

Use cases

We make the most of your data assets to deliver estimates and predictions that improve the profitability of your actions, reduce your risks and enable you to seize the right opportunities in operational situations

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