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Management by natural talent

An innovative management method

At Micropole, we have decided to be innovative in a fundamental area that concerns every individual: management. Beyond technical and technological innovation, the real innovation to be carried out in companies is now human.

We have chosen to place people at the heart of our innovation strategy by developing a new managerial approach, management by natural talent.

This is an Anglo-Saxon method that combines pleasure and performance. Managing through talent means identifying the individual strengths of each person and capitalizing on them for the benefit of the team. This allows each #InnovativePeople to evolve individually towards a path that gives meaning to his or her role, and to increase the collective performance and creativity of the teams.

Thus, we were able to set up a common management reference framework based on 8 management levers specific to our company.

Identifying and mobilizing the strengths of each person guarantees motivation and commitment; two performance levers that actively participate in the development of our business. 

Micropole finalist for the Digital HRD 2020 Prize
PodCast HR Micropole Career Talents

Implementation of a real skills development program with various privileged moments of exchange between managers: workshops, podcasts, sparring partners, etc.

#InnovativePeople Academy

We have our own Digital Learning platform where we provide interactive digital training and videos on various topics related to our business.

Each employee has the opportunity to build his or her own training path from the training catalog and to be a player in his or her own skills development.

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