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*restated from the divestment of Micropole Learning Solutions – MLS – which occurred on February 17th 2020



Micropole, an international consulting and innovative technologies Group, specialized in Data & Digital Experience, achieved a turnover of 25 million euros over the 3rd quarter 2020, a drop of 8.8% (like-for-like, a decrease of 9.4%). Over the first 3 quarters of 2020, the turnover stood at 82.8 million euros, a decrease of 0.7%, as against the 83. 4 million euros attained over the same period in 2019 (figures re-stated from the divestment of Micropole Learning Solutions – MLS –which took place on February 17th 2020). Like-for-like, the decrease in turnover is 1.9%.



The impact of Covid-19 more pronounced in France in the third quarter of 2020


In France, the turnover shows a 15% drop for the quarter. Like-for-like, the decrease is 5.6% in Switzerland. Belgium was less impacted by the crisis and pursues its dynamic performance with 17% growth.



Ongoing effort to boost sales and marketing


During the period, Micropole suffered the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic but demonstrated its capacity to absorb the shock of the crisis, both operationally and financially. The first signs of recovery were seen during the month of September with the reactivation of suspended projects and the launch of new projects. However, the lockdown measures taken following the second wave of Covid-19 at the end of October are likely to impact this initial recovery dynamic.



Towards a progressive return to business levels


Recruitment has selectively picked up on the most dynamic offers, but other business lines continue to benefit from the partial employment scheme in operation until the end of the year.

In other areas, Micropole pursues its measures to adapt its cost structure to the new economic context.   

The Group expects a very gradual return to the previous level of activity by the end of the year and is gearing up to take full advantage of an upturn in F/Y 2021. The Group's already solid financial structure has been strengthened by various government measures (EMP, partial activity, deferral of social security payments).


In the current context, Micropole is maintaining its medium-term ambitions, particularly in terms of profitability, but has not yet formulated any annual financial objectives for FY 2020.



Next financial date is Wednesday February 10th 2021 

for the publication of the 4th quarter 2020 turnover



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