With Big Data 24, Micropole is widening marketing and digital management access to Big Data!

Micropole is launching the 1st offer on the market which enables concrete experimentation of Big Data projects in 24 hours, free of technological constraints



Big Data, as a true business stake for all enterprises, the object of all our attention today. If  73% of organizations (according to the  Gartner firm) plan to invest in Big Data within the next  2 years, the fact remains that 90% of marketing managers and  80% of IS managers[1] today believe that their current in-house resources are insufficiently skilled to transform  their data into knowledge, innovation and thus into added value. Add to this the complexity of technological choices upstream to project launches, and it is unsurprising to learn that only 18%[2] of French corporations currently have an ongoing Big Data action plan. This is why Micropole, partnering its customers for 4 years now on their Big-data focused considerations, has launched its Data Science Platform: Big Data 24, the first offer which simplifies and accelerates access to Big Data.


Access to customized, simple and secure technology, in only 24 hours …

Big Data 24, the fruit of the innovating technological expertise of the Micropole group and the business knowledge of its Wide relational marketing agency, is the only offer on the market which proposes turnkey access to all the power of Big Data to business and IT management wishing to initiate a mega-data exploration phase.

Concretely, Big Data 24 offers a secure platform in SaaS mode, hosted on a public sovereign cloud, with customized tooling according to customer needs (data collection and management, exploration, visualization and predictive analyses). Extensible, Big Data 24 is an offer in leasing mode, monthly with no commitment, enabling full control of budget with total transparency.


… To meet a concrete need for experimentation

Thus freed from technical brakes, the Marketing and Digital management can focus on taking full advantage of data, an approach on which Wide advises and partners them in the exploration, analysis and identification of the data potential.

Wide has developed and tested its own data mining algorithms, notably enabling in-depth analysis of the customer journey, assessment of the current customer heritage and the predictive calculation of customer value.


Partnered by the Wide Data Scientists, marketing management have a guarantee of considerably shortened   « time to market », concrete and quickly utilizable results, high skills enhancement of in-house teams, and an investment consistent with expected results.


« This new offer broadens access to Big Data. With Big Data 24, there is considerable potential for new performance levers opening up to enterprises, thanks to a simple, complete, customized and high-value-added offer. This launch is a perfect illustration of the group’s innovation capability and the complementary nature of the group’s know-how: between Micropole, IT innovation expert for 25 years, which facilitates Big Data access, and Wide, its relational marketing consulting agency, which helps organizations to draw business value form them.», commented Cédric Pin, Executive Vice-President of Micropole .



The benefits of Big Data 24

A blended technological / consulting offer which:

  • Responds to shortfalls in customer team skills and expertise.
  • Accelerates « time to market », shortening the technical implementation as well as the exploratory and experimental cycles.
  • Addresses issues relating to security and respect of sensitive data on a sovereign public cloud.
  • Enables budget control, thanks to a leasing offer of hosting based on data volume and duration of use (consulting services excluded).
  • Eliminates technological risks through a cloud platform based on the most recent releases on the market.
  • Creates the conditions for productive dialogue between business and IT management to get started on Big Data quickly, simply and safely.
  • Is extensible and reversible, for smoother transition to industrialization phase.   







About Micropole – (www.micropole.com) is a Digital Services Company with bases in Europe and Asia, specializing in Digital Transformation, Performance Management and Data Governance. The group partners its customers throughout the entire project life-cycle, from consulting to full implementation of solutions, including training. A partner of the leading software vendors, Micropole has a headcount of over 1,100 and achieves 30% of its turnover internationally. Micropole has received the ‘innovating enterprise” label awarded by Bpifrance. The group is listed on the Eurolist Paris – Compartment C and registered in the Next Economy Segment. Follow Micropole on Twitter: @groupemicropole




About WIDE: The relational marketing consulting agency of the Micropole, Wide (www.wide.fr) partners its customers from strategy definition through to implementation and performance management. A communication expert in the digital era, from Data science to CRM, Wide creates a Continuous Relationship Experience: an enriched and consistent relationship between brands and their public. Wide achieves a turnover of over €10 M and has 70 collaborators. Among its customers: Phytomer, DIM, Michelin Travel Partner, RTBF, Bayard, L’Oréal, Canal+, Clarins, Peugeot, Société Générale… Follow Wide on Twitter: @Wide_Paris



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[2] EY study –  Big Data- where are French enterprises? - November 2014