Turnover 2011 high growth of 18% to €120.8 m

 + 21% growth over Q4 2011 to €35.6 m

 + 75% turnover growth over 5 years  


Micropole, an international consulting and engineering group, specialized in the fields of Business Intelligence, e-Business, ERP and CRM, achieved a turnover of €120.8 m in 2011, an increase of 17.9% in relation to 2010. The fourth quarter showed 20.6% growth at € 35.6 m, as opposed to € 29.5 m in 2010.


Like for like, the annual turnover stands at €111,8 m, an increase of 9.1%, whereas the turnover like for like for the fourth quarter 2011 reached €32.3 m, up  9.5% compared to the same period in 2010.


In 2011, turnover growth for the group continued with a sustained dynamic, this year again greatly out-performing the Information Technology services and consulting market as a whole. In fact, the year witnessed the amplification of the group’s development, notably at international level which now contributes 25% to group turnover. Successive acquisitions of the Belgian company OASIS, specialized in ERP-SAP, of the Chinese company Easteq (now Micropole China), specialized in Business Intelligence and the development of enterprise applications (e-Commerce, Trading, CRM, ERP & SCM), have thus enabled Micropole to strengthen its business expertise in Europe and in Asia.


In France, Micropole also pursued its development with the acquisition of the Wide global communications agency last May, an acquisition which has strengthened its e-commerce offer and enabled the closest possible alignment to its clients’ brand strategy.


On the strength of these acquisitions, the group has consolidated its specialist positioning and its expertise on high value-added and innovative services. The financial year witnessed growth in all the groups businesses, buoyed by the signing of major projects (budget development, Master Data Management, e-Commerce, Mobile BI …), bringing Micropole’s traditional skill in committing to fixed price assignments to the fore.

  • Business Intelligence is out-performing with almost 20% growth, driven notably by financial and budget management solutions, an area in which Micropole is the European leader.
  • The e-Business division (e-Commerce, business applications …) has also performed well, with 5% growth driven in particular by very high development in its Master Data Management (MDM) and e-Commerce offers.
  • ERP-SAP (10% of group business) is well-directed, with a sustained dynamic notably in Paris and the Rhône-Alpes agency. In Europe, the group has continued to extend its offer through its OASIS subsidiary (Belgium and Luxembourg), a certified SAP Gold Partner, and through several contracts signed by CROSS, its Swiss subsidiary
  • Business in the regions has continued to show good growth (10 %) with the deployment of offers both diversified and tailored to a network of medium-sized corporations. 
  • Training, with Micropole Institut, has had a patchier year, with a slowdown in the first half-year but still finishing on a strong note of 6.5% growth for 2011, driven by the e-learning business.


The performance achieved by all the Micropole Group employees has been, yet again, remarkable, and shows the dynamism of our company. These results conform to the objectives we set three years ago, forecasting a turnover of €150m by the end of 2013. For 2012, even if we have not noticed any significant dent in the group progression so far this year, the complex nature of the current macro-economic situation makes mid-term prognostics difficult. It is, however, clear that demand for specifics such as financial and client MDM, Financial Performance Management (FPM), e-Commerce, and budget development, will remain strong”, comments Christian Poyau, Micropole C.E.O.


Next Financial date:

Tuesday April 10th 2012, publication of annual accounts cutoff December 31st 2011.

The complete financial calendar is available on our website, ‘investors’ section.