Annual Information Form 2010 available for consultation

On July 13th 2011, Micropole filed the annual information form for the 2010 fiscal year with the  Financial Market Authorities, under n°D.11-0688. 
This annual information form includes: 
  • The annual financial report 
  • The report of the president of the Board on the conditions of preparation and organization of the Boards works, as well as on the risk management procedures and in-house controls implemented in compliance to the directives in section L. 225-37 of the Code of Commerce, and the related reports of the statutory auditor;
  • Information relating to the fees paid to the statutory auditors. 
This document is freely available to the public in compliance with the conditions set out in the  regulations in effect. This document may be consulted on the corporate website under « Investors », then « Financial documents », as well as on the AMF website:  www.amf-france.org.