Micropole-Univers begins to implement its share redemption programme.

Micropole-Univers has begun  to implement its share buyback programme, as voted at the General Meeting of June 12th 2009, and of which the conditions were defined at the Board Meeting of January 11th 2010 as follows: 
Description of buyback programme by Micropole Univers S.A. of its own shares voted at the Mixed General Meeting of June 12th 2009 
In application of item 241-1  and in accordance with the  General Regulations of the Financial Markets Authority, the present description of the programme describes the objectives and conditions of the Micropole-Univers buyback programme of its own shares in the context of the approval conferred at the Mixed General Meeting of June 12th  2009. 
1. Date of the General Meeting of shareholders having approved the programme and the decision to implement same:  
Programme approval: Mixed general Meeting of June 12th 2009. 
Implementation decision: Board meeting of January 11th 2010. 
2. Number of securities and share of capital held by the issuer   
To January 11th 2010, the company’s capital is composed of 28 215 115 shares, of which 22 460 shares, or 0.07 % of the capital, are held by Micropole Univers S.A. 
3. Allocation by objective of securities directly or indirectly held by the issuer  
To January 11th 2010, Micropole Univers S.A. holds 22 460 shares in the context of a liquidity agreement made with an investment service provider. 
4. Objectives of buyback programme  
The programme objectives, in order of priority, are the following: 
  • Cover of share purchase option plans and  other types of share allocation for group employees and/or social representatives under the terms and conditions allowed for by law, notably in the context of profit-sharing corporate savings plan or by free attribution of shares.  
  • The attribution of marketable securities gives access to the Company’s capital as per regulations in effect.  
  • The remitting or exchange of shares with a view to external growth operations.  
  • The reduction of the company’s capital. 
5. Maximum capital share, maximum number,  and characteristics of capital securities which the company proposed to acquire and maximum purchase price.  
Maximum purchase price is fixed at 1.30 Euros per share (code ISIN FR0000077570). 
Micropole Univers SA may acquire  7.1  %  maximum of the number of shares constituting its capital , this limit being evaluated on the basis of the capital at the moment of the buyback, which at the date of January 11th 2010 corresponds to  2 000 000 shares. The maximum amount given over  for these acquisitions may not be more than 2 600 000 €. 
6. Duration of the buyback programme  
The current programme is allowed for a duration of eighteen months from June 12th 2009, this being until December 12th 2010. 
This description has been sent to the AMF. It is freely available at the headquarters of the company at 100 rue Lafayette, 75010 Paris, France and on the Micropole-Univers website and the AMF (www.amf-france.org). A copy will be sent on request.