Training is a true corporate [performance improvement] tool, and as such a real lever for development.

In an  increasingly competitive environment, your teams must constantly keep abreast of new business uses and market know-how. To stay competitive, your company's teams therefore need to keep their skills honed.

our training offer

Micropole Institut, your education expert, partners you on all your training projects. In addition to our off-the-shelf training, we can offer you customized training programs, jointly developed to reflect your sector-specific needs. Generally speaking, our training approach can be summed up by three main points :

  • Partnership, as our role consists of assisting you going forward  and of finding solutions to your issues. For us, shared communication is key, generating better performance, better understanding of your needs  and thus those of the market in general.
  • Expertise, as all our offers are grounded in our technical expertise, and are often the fruit of collaborative work between Micropole  group experts and Micropole Institut educational consultants.
  • Pedagogy, as that is our business at Micropole Institut. Our educational aim is towards constant innovation.


  • Off-the-shelf training : Micropole Institut offers a wide range of training courses  in our training centers (inter-company) or directly on client sites (intra company) : Business Intelligence, Data Base, Development, Networks  & Infrastructure, Project  Methods & Management, Personal Management & Development, Office Automation, Computer Graphics, Desktop Publishing and CAD.
  • User assistance :  To fully  meet  your company needs, Micropole Institut designs specific training with you, either in face-to-face or distance learning mode (e-learning). From project buy-in and design through to accomplishment, Micropole Institut puts an end-to-end partnering offer at your disposal to assist your teams in their use of new computer tools and business processes.
  • E-learning : Micropole Institut has developed a complete e-learning offer, the fruit of its educational and technical teams' 10 years recognized on-the-ground experience. Our ambition is to partner you on the setting-up of your e-learning solution : creation of specific e-learning content, platform integration (Sumtotal, Syfadis, IBM, Cap RH, Oracle, Moodle, Ganesha…), off-the-shelf  e-learning content, creation tools used by our teams (Captivate, Atelier Hyperoffice, Articulate, Inovae Publisher, Flash).