Our vision

E-commerce has today become an integral part of the consumer routine. This purchasing mode continues to grow from year to year, faster than traditional commerce, driven by constant enhancements in technologies. Consumption and purchasing modes are thus in permanent change.

Two trends particularly stand out:

  • The consumer begins look-up on a device, and finalizes the purchase later, in another place or on another device. This is   ATAWAD : “any time, any where, any device”.
  • Before going through with the purchase action, it’s usual for the consumer to go to the store to test a product, read the opinions of his peers on internet, take advice on social networks, compare , find the best price for an equivalent service on the web …

How to respond to these trends in the face of this new purchasing behavior? How to address omni-channel issues? Is it even necessary to do so? More concretely, how should you respond to your customer expectations and with what solutions?

Our conviction is that e-commerce is a brick in what we call ‘connected commerce’. It’s with this view that we partner you day-to-day thanks to our marketing, sectorial and technological know-how.

Our added value

  • Partnering to define your overall digital transformation strategy.
  • An upstream marketing-geared approach.
  • Mastery of the overall vision of connected commerce.
  • In-depth knowledge of tools through ongoing monitoring by our experts and our Research & Innovation department.
  • Proven experience in high-stake business and technological projects.


We offer customized partnering, consistent with your stakes and your needs.

Succeed in the launch or re-engineering of your e-commerce business thanks to a well-defined strategy upstream. This can be:

  • Opportunistic to have leader positioning in a sector where e-commerce is not yet widespread.
  • Competitive to face the increasing power of other actors on the sector.
  • Financial when it’s a question of growing the turnover or increasing profitability by digitalizing part of the business.
  • Marketing when it’s a question of using a sales platform to target, attract and foster loyalty in specific customer segments.

Whatever the strategy, it is important to define its outline and  means to confirm the choices which will be made going forwards.  Micropole partners and advises you in the definition of this 360° strategy

Have solutions suited to your needs and your organization:

We guarantee you a choice of adapted solutions, whether it’s a question of a simple e-commerce solution with little connection to the IT system, or a 360°-connected sales platform, with multi-device and multi-channel capability, including processes which range from product, price and customer repositories through to the consideration of communications with the supply chain (returns, refunds, after-sales service, repairs, exchanges …).

Having the means to manage the platform through different tools and relevant indicators:

Once an e-commerce platform is set up, it is essential for you to be able to manage your business, as much from a technical point of view as a functional, thanks to value-added business indicators through dedicated analysis tools..

Guarantee Time-to-Market for the marketing teams while preserving service quality:

Rumor has it that the agility and speed expected by the business teams are not compatible with the robustness and reliability required by an IS manager. At Micropole, we think the opposite! To be able to guarantee the robustness of your applications and processes despite their ongoing changes, we implement automatic ongoing integration, staging, non-regression test, deployment and performance test tools, and this from the get-go.

Anticipate and be capable of looking ahead:

A sales platform must grow its service offer through its marketing activity. Thanks to the management tools which we make available to you (relevance matrix, Gap Analysis, capacity planning), you will be able to anticipate and grasp your sales platform development. 

Buy-in on and master the solutions:

Whether they be marketing, technical or functional, the teams which manage the e-commerce platform daily must master all the intricacies. Change management is therefore essential. We integrate this aspect to our methodology systematically.

Our offers

Our team of consultants and experts cover all the phases necessary for the implementation of a connected commerce project:

  • Partnering and consulting on our customer’s digital transformation:
    We participate in your digital transformation during the exploratory and scoping phases of your e-commerce projects, enriching your reflection through concrete cases, customer benchmarks and analyses geared to your context.
  • Business-geared expertise, from both a functional and technical standpoint:
    Functional experts over numerous solutions, technical experts on interfaces with information systems, senior consultants on different business lines linked to connected sales platforms, project managers and experienced developers, our teams are available to partner you during the specification list production, needs expression, design and implementation of e-commerce solutions.
  • Partnering on the definition of brand platform:
    Creative approach,  storyboarding, Brand Design, partnering on the annual animation plan, : these are some of the assignments that we undertake for our different customers. 
  • Partnering in the animation and activity of your sales platform:
    Once the solutions are on-line, we remain by your side whether for the analysis or animation of your platform  (SEM, SEO, TAM, …).

Parteners and Solutions

There are many e-commerce solutions, recommendation engines, searchandising solutions, retargeting and affinity merchandising:  vendor solutions, Saas or Cloud solutions, Open Source solutions … and each has its advantages and drawbacks.

We work with the leading vendors who offer the best solutions on the market, among which: IBM WebSphere Commerce, Magento, hybris software (SAP), Oracle ATG Web Commerce, BroadVision, Compario, Planet World, Oxid eshop, Drupal Commerce, RBS Change...

We always propose the solutions which are the best suited to customer’s needs, in total independence with respect to the vendors.

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