Our vision

In the midst of constant change and development, our business lines are simultaneously facing the appearance of new data to process (Big Data effect), with different levels of quality and information, and also consumers who are now multi-channel, volatile, with high expectations of a unique, customized user experience with  every contact.

In this context, you need to have control over your customer and prospect relationships. If knowing them is obvious, creating a proactive relationship with them, with the aim of making relevant, varied and well-timed offers, is essential. This is achieved through full utilization of all your data so as to adapt your customer and prospect path to full effect.

Our added value

Our knowledge expert teams can detect structure and standardize all relevant data, internal or external to your company, to help you meet your business objectives.

We fully utilize your data to optimize it, by:

  • Capitalizing on your in-house teams.
  • Aggregating best international practices whether sectorial or cross-sectorial.
  • Implementing innovative methods to maximize performance and sustainability of our analyses and models.
  • Automating the approach to ensure fast in-house handover.

We care about federation around projects undertaken in order to guarantee their success.
We facilitate decision-making and quick, efficient implementation of marketing and sales actions.
We systematically adapt to your sector, your issues, your context (tools, data …).

The benefits for our customers

We partner you on the deployment of new marketing and sales strategies in line with your business objectives to:

  • Develop the value generated by your customers who are detected as high-potential.
  • Favor customer loyalty.
  • Ensure retention and reactivation of customers whose activity has fallen off.
  • Identify your most relevant customers for recruitment.
  • Evaluate the performance and relevance of your actions for better focus on more profitable actions.

Grow your customer satisfaction and transform them into advertisers for your brand.

  • Have all the performance management indicators to hand for relevant decision-making.
  • Anticipate an essential competitive edge.

Our Businesses

Our values are shared with a dynamic team, consisting of data scientists, econometrics and IT decision-support specialists. We like to see ourselves as curious, enthusiastic,  at the cutting edge of new techniques in data processing and analysis, operating on all business sectors and mastering all   datamining tools (SAS, IBM SPSS, SAP Kxen certifications …).

Scope: guarantee suitability of your stakes with the project to be done, through the undertaking of business-geared workshops.

Structure: recovery and making consistent all relevant data (creation of repositories, cleansing, deduplication …) irrespective of sources or formats.

Audit: analyze the quality of actionable data, and mapping them to your stakes

Model: build a reliable, sustainable and operationally exploitable model (segmentation, score, forecast tool …).

Measure: manage the ROI of actions undertaken and ensure the recurring availability of relevant indicators for decision-support.

Recommend: interpret the results obtained and systematically highlight the operational recommendations.

Share: our international experience and expertise to ensure fast skills enhancement for your teams, and federate around projects undertaken jointly.

Our offers

Marketing data: to efficiently centralize and use all the relevant information needed to characterize a customer / prospect. 360° vision, data quality, unstructured data (text mining, web mining), customer indicators, Big Data.

See our customer references.

Strategic Marketing: to adapt strategy in relation to customer/prospect profiles and sustainably optimize the profitability generated. Master plans (marketing, data mining), customer path analyses customer value analyses, business plans.

See our customer references.

Operational Marketing: to target customers/prospects in multi-channel mode in the most streamlined way. Customer base diagnoses, customer/prospect behavior analyses, associations (products/campaigns), segmentation, opportunity and risk scores.

See our customer references.

Management: to have all indicators enabling fast decision-making to hand. Customer monitoring, multi-channel performance management, analyses and profitability calculations. 

See our customer references.

The tools: to be able to automate, view and make customer knowledge sustainable. Implementation and optimization of data mining, reporting and data visualization tools.

See our customer references.

Operational excellence: to maximize the value and utilization of best practice. Industrialization, innovation, change management, coaching.

See our customer references.

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