La smart BI

Smart BI covers the concepts which have emerged over the last years relating to:

Data Visualization

Data visualization will enable highlighting information in a particularly explicit visual mode. Each type of information will be represented in preferred mode: histograms, gauges, mapping ... which will make information much more readable than in pivot table form presentation.  Color-coding, animation, navigation and user-friendliness are elements to be considered with care to facilitate the interpretation and the reading of figures.

Data Discovery

Data discovery is the ability to drill-down and explore information from Data and Big Data to extract an interpretation which will help in the development of the enterprise.

BI Self-service

BI self-service aims to empower users so that they may build their own analysis models easily and without technical assistance.

Customer benefits

Data Visualization, Data Discovery, BI Self-service, these new utilizations have led to the adaptation of traditional decision support IS in order to meet business management expectations. This implies the implementation of new bricks within the Decision support IS, with new tools or new modules of existing tools such as:

  • Datalab an investigation environment for analysts enabling exploration of new management rules, new indicators related to the ongoing development in business offers.
  • BI Agile tools these last years have seen the birth of new solutions or new modules offering innovative visualization modes, while giving more autonomy to users. 

Our added value

A major player and acknowledged actor in the Business Intelligence market, precursor on agility and data visualization issues, and attentive to the cover of our customer’s new emerging usage, Micropole has partnered its customers on their BI enhancements for over 25 years.

Our offers

Our teams propose their expertise on all issues such as:

  • BI Agile Governance Organization and methodology
  • Proof of Concept  BI Agile tools
  • BI Agile Projects implementation for your BI Agile projects
  • Datalab Implementation of  Datalab environments
  • Expertise and Platform Best practices, Architecture, Performance

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